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Sign the Petition Now!

BAWN is leading the grassroots movement to put an amendment on Florida's 2020 ballot to constitutionally ban the sale of assault weapons. We are on a mission to collect nearly 800,000 signatures so Florida voters can have their voices heard. If you are with us in this fight, download the petition form, print double-sided if possible and follow the instructions below.

Instructions for collecting petition signatures:

  • Signer must be a registered Florida voter
  • Print double-sided, if possible
  • One signed copy per person
  • Fill out completely, including name, full address and date of birth
  • All information must be legible
  • Sign and date the back of the form
  • Mail to: Ban Assault Weapons Now, 6619 S Dixie Hwy #148, Miami FL 33143
to download the petition