Ban Assault Weapons NOW is a bipartisan grassroots coalition of concerned Floridians.

Our Steering Committee

  • Congressman Ted Deutch, Parkland
  • Mayor Skip Campbell, Coral Springs

Committee Members*

  • Gail Schwartz, Chair, aunt of Alex Schachter, murdered on 2/14/18 in Parkland
  • Mayra Alvear, mother of Amanda, murdered on 6/12/16 at Pulse
  • Patricia Brigham, President of Florida League of Women Voters and former co-chair of Florida Coalition to Prevent Gun Violence
  • Hon. Paula Dockery, former Republican State Senator from Lakeland, FL
  • Annika and Mitch Dworet, parents of Nicholas, murdered in 2/14/18 Parkland
  • Jeffrey Foster, Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School AP American Government teacher, escaped with 30 students
  • Eden Hebron, student survivor of Parkland shooting, witnessed the murder of three classmates
  • Debbi Hixon, widow of Chris Hixon, murdered on 2/14/18 in Parkland
  • Robert W. Kelley, Founding Partner at Kelley/Uustal
  • Christine Leinonen, mother of Drew Leinonen, murdered on 6/12/16 at Pulse
  • Philip Schentrup, father of Carmen Schentrup, murdered on 2/14/18 in Parkland
  • Hon. Philip Shailer, former Republican State Attorney for Broward County, FL
  • Brandon Wolf, survivor of Pulse
*Still in formation

Ban Assault Weapons NOW has assembled a group of advocacy professionals with vast experience effecting change at the local, state and national levels.