Aurora. Newtown. Pulse. Las Vegas. Sutherland Springs. Parkland. Pittsburgh. Gilroy. El Paso. Dayton.

Again and again we’ve stood witness to innocent lives lost at the hands of madmen armed with military-grade assault weapons like the AR-15. Again and again our NRA-backed politicians have failed to act on getting these weapons of war out of civilian hands.

That’s why we began Ban Assault Weapons NOW back in 2018 as a citizen-led movement to place a constitutional amendment banning assault weapons before Florida voters. But when the Florida Supreme Court rejected our ballot initiative, it became clear that the NRA has outsize influence on our state’s leaders – and that elections have consequences.

So now, we're taking this fight into our own hands by replacing our NRA-backed lawmakers with those who understand the need for gun safety reform and who pledge to make it a reality.


Ban Assault Weapons NOW is dedicated to electing Florida candidates who share our commitment to banning assault weapons and saving lives from senseless gun violence.

How do we do it?

BAWN supports candidates for the Florida House and Florida Senate who pledge to lead the push for legislation banning assault weapons once and for all. Through contributions, political mailers and digital ads, we provide a vehicle to help win some of the most competitive races in our state and bring real, meaningful change that will save lives.