Aurora. Newtown. Pulse. Las Vegas. Sutherland Springs. Parkland. Pittsburgh. Gilroy. El Paso. Dayton.

Again and again we’ve stood witness to innocent lives lost at the hands of madmen armed with military-style assault weapons like the AR-15. Again and again our elected leaders have failed to act on getting these weapons of war out of civilian hands. For our children, for our families, for our loved ones, for our communities, we must act where our politicians have failed to.


Our mission is simple: This campaign will place an amendment on the 2020 ballot in Florida to do what our elected leaders refuse to do: Ban Assault Weapons NOW.

How do we do it?

Florida law allows its citizens to propose amendments to the state constitution by petition, which will then be placed before voters in a general election. The NRA and gun manufacturers may hold sway over politicians, but they don’t control our voices, our votes. The numbers are on our side. According to a February 20th poll from MSNBC, 67 percent of Americans support an assault weapons ban. A poll from Florida Atlantic University reports that 70 percent of Florida voters favor an assault weapons ban.